Music industry impeachment for Pulse effects

Povilas Brilius
1 min readDec 7, 2020

English is a long story put short — IDGAF by Dua Lipa on YouTube Music Premium is a proof of concept (BMW Gigi Hadi) — services industry culprit, greatest of all time — GOAT central bank planning economy — economics dis-approval.

Money — data interaction in terms of information transactions isn’t a fault of misery nor of Soviet WW2 tanks. Actually, the German Tiger was overcome only decades later than accounced by running peripheral Soviet States T series tanks.

Poland effect over the neccessity — to enhance economics by a tangibles from Nazi Germany Berlin & co — is proven failure over the citizen’s personal compuuting and so called Enigma TLS office space.

In effect, KDE workspaces alongside post-college impeachment is a way forward only for culprits, the so called genocide againes jews WW2 post-effect; not post-modernism, distanced from high schools around the world buildings.

Street life on the surge

Even Pentagon with its heavy machine based robotics is a product economics intelligent unit, thinking and encompassing reality with environment as is, i.e. per se, that means favourably. Alongside, even so, the music stream is far from situated economics on tranlsated coursebooks LA impeached USA president.

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