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2 min readJan 14, 2021


Colliding Herons on CERN signify an attempt to envisage something more than self-made entrepreneur. A simple book can help much in this case —

Amazon best seller is for contract making, although missing post-high school education like BSc and MSc degrees, despite top grade university set goals and awards.

It’s self award on a layoffs streak stage, including MAC block and abated — forfeited, more exaclty — deals. Because of that I’m considering buying A3S development stage smartphone like

In the meantime the adversity continues php spark serve is now the development server CI4 stance, because Docker image doesn’t help with custom ports routing.

browser-sync start --proxy "localhost:8080" --files "public/dist/*.js"

alongside with

npm run watch
Marathon runners on the city asphalt

is resulting in conflictless situation where a browser is syncing themed Bootstrap TW output to the web page debugging tab. So, it’s fine to watch a browser reload and CLI output indicating it on the run with this cool npm package.

I’ve completed a whole good bunch of a cards in this streak; Kanban is forgiving mistakes in the run, though it’s awarding on the global stage like passing red lights sets and placing the card into the hoppying hoorray Done stage.



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